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Payroll Processing Services

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Does your payroll company offer you  FREE, state of the art  HR softwarethat offers 24/7 access to manage employee communications, onboarding, vacation tracking, online benefit elections,  one central site for all company communications and more?  Contact us today on how you can get this valuable HRconnection software for FREE.

With Trillium Payroll, you can simplify your administrative burden with hassle-free payroll services for 20% to 50%less than you'll find at other payroll companies.

Paying too much for your 401K?  Ask about our NO 'wrap fee' 401K plan which has one of the lowest expense ratios in the industry and large lineup of investment options.  Combine to lower your payroll & benefit costs even more!

Payroll & HR Support

It's one of the most important things for a business, but it's also the most overwhelming. Here at Trillium Payroll Services, we'll help you not only run your payroll efficiently and effectively, but also provide you with tools that will ease the burden of HR and eliminate a lot of paperwork and forms in the process.

How to Choose HR Software

​Looking for a comprehensive and paperless HR Management system? Talk to us today about our inclusive, no cost solution(click here for more)

  • Payroll - Prepare your payroll including a detailed report showing employee's check details, tax payments coming up and including all tax payments, garnishments, retirement plan reports and check, etc

  • Direct Deposit - A secure, convenient, and cost effective alternative to paper checks.  

  • Debit Card - Have immediate access to your paycheck on your debit card.  Great for those that don't have direct deposit. 

  • Free Employee Payroll Portal (Intranet) - Free Intranet provides employees with a secure platform to view and print pay stubs and W-2's, as well as, update their information. 

  • Customized Payroll Reporting - You'll receive a Payroll Summary, Payroll Register, Tax Report and Employee Pay Stub with every payroll - and you can select a variety of standard reports or create custom reports. 

  • Quarterly Returns - Prepare your quarterly Federal and State payroll tax returns, normally forms 941 and DE-6.

  • Annual Returns & Reporting - Prepare your year-end Federal and State payroll tax returns, normally forms W-2, W-3, 940, DE-7 etc.

  • Service Guarantee - Accurate and timely remittance and filing of payroll taxes

Managing Employee Payroll

Look for ways to manage employee payroll which will save time and effort

Does your payroll company also offer an HR management system for FREE?

Find out about our HRconnection software that allows you to manage all your HR functions more effective and efficiently (click here for more)